The Importance of Having a Mentor


Huzaifah Jeewa
The Importance of Having a Mentor

There are a variety of benefits in having a mentor to help you achieve your life goals, meet targets and give you guidance to progress in life. Many people find that having a mentor has helped them to excel and gain knowledge and skills that they otherwise wouldn’t have been able to acquire. If you are thinking of being mentored, here are five benefits that can help you make the decision on whether being mentored is right for you.


  1. Mentors can provide you with guidance and knowledge


Having a mentor specific to your needs can help you with employment and careers development and give you guidance on how to reach your career goals. In addition, mentors often impart valuable knowledge to their mentees which can help them to fulfil their personal and educational aspirations. Many leading entrepreneurs and those in business have had mentors themselves in order to make them proactive in progressing within their own journey through life.



  1. Mentors can see where things can be improved


It is often difficult to see where you may need improvement in a specific area in your life or know the steps it would take to reach a certain place in life. However, mentors are there as a support to you and your goals and will tell you what things they feel can be improved in a constructive manner. This can help you to identify what you need to work on and how you can improve your skills and knowledge.



  1. Mentors can help you grow personally and professionally


There have been many mentees who often say they feel that their mentor has helped them to ‘grow’ both on a personal and professional level. This is exactly what mentors want to hear that they are helping you to grow and flourish in the goals that you set. You can discuss your specific targets and goals with your mentor and your mentor will go through them with you and offer the support you need.



  1. Mentors are there to support you


If you feel concerned or worried about your future or any issues that you have experienced, your mentor is there to support you. Mentors are trusted advisors that you can turn to confidentially to discuss any issues you may have that they can help you with. Do not feel that you are alone in your journey. Every mentor is trained and qualified to offer support and encouragement when needed and they are someone that you can turn to.



  1. Mentors can offer actionable steps


You may feel that you are unable to find ways where you can turn your ideas into actions that you take to get to a certain stage in life. However, mentors can create actionable steps with you and find the best way forward for your individual circumstances. This can help you move in the right direction and pave the way forward for your success!

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