Arise E- Mentoring

E-mentoring essentially means online mentoring where the mentee is guided by their mentor through online resources and carries out the mentoring experience virtually. E-mentoring has become significantly popular around the world for its flexibility where the mentee can learn from their mentor anywhere in the world through the internet. 


Covid-19 has meant that social distancing measures must be in place and face to face mentoring cannot be carried out due to safety risks. Therefore, Arise Mentoring has decided to use the initiative system of E-mentoring to connect their mentees with their mentors and keep up their momentum in working towards progress and goals. 


Arise Mentoring is working hard to keep delivering its mentoring programme to its young people. We believe that our young people are in deep need for a mentor to help them go through this critical time. 


Many of our young refugees will be completely isolated in their home not even practising a word of English which can impact their resettlement progress and their journey to improve their communication and self-confidence. Staying in touch with their mentor is very crucial at the moment to help them keep dreaming and pursue their future. 


On the other hand, our mentors need to stay volunteering and give back to society at the most difficult time everyone is going through. Showing kindness to one another shouldn’t stop and that’s why we have decided to move to an online platform and introduce E-Mentoring to Arise. This means that our mentors will stay in touch with their mentees to deliver the sessions and keep helping them reach their full potential.


How Arise Mentoring will support their mentees? 


Our participants who want to be mentored online will need to use a computer or laptop with Wi-Fi access. However, many of our young people has no access to internet or laptops and that has been a huge struggle with them to stay connected with their school, therefore, Arise Mentoring will do fundraising to provide laptops and internet access to their young people so they can stay connected with their school and mentors.


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