9 Invaluable Tips for Mentors

9 Invaluable Tips for Mentors

Mentors can make an impact in helping refugee youth mentees who have often already experienced significant challenges both in coming to the UK and through lived experiences.

These are some of the things that we aim to do through mentoring and you can support us in achieving these requirements by becoming a mentor and making a difference to a child’s life.

Work to the strengths of the mentee

Recognise and build our programs around the strengths of these children, their families and ethnic groups, whilst also, promoting programmes that address the challenges faced by immigrant youth.

Motivation and encouragement

Encourage and support children in maintaining the cultural, religious, and family values of their country of origin whilst simultaneously helping them adapt to British culture.

Open up opportunities for growth

Provide opportunities for the youth to serve as leaders, resources and teachers of their culture and language.

Form close relationships

Create close adult and peer relationships with children to foster feelings of safety, inclusion and belonging.

Be a role model

Provide caring adult role models as mentors to help children succeed at school and negotiate the process of acculturation.

Encourage academic success

Support the child’s academic success and educational process, encouraging them to stay in school and seek help when needed.

Support family carers

Involve and support the child’s family or carer, drawing on them as a resource to facilitate the child’s positive development and providing them with support and referrals to services that will help them successfully adapt to the UK.

Add creativity

Be flexible and creative in meeting the child and family’s needs.

Identify and respond when needed

Recognise and respond when children exhibit behaviours of concerns that might be indicative of depression, drug use, inability to manage anger and aggression, involvement with anti-social groups such as gangs, or breaking the law.

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